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    Making Women Business Ready

  • #ImAmagda movement is...

    Women aiming to become business angels, founders and career professionals.


    connect | open doors | invest | fund


    diversity skyrockets economy | uplift women-led startups


    education | mentoring | sharing experience


    wo&men supporting women to become successful

  • How can you be part of the Magda movement?



    Your idea, your dream, your ambition, your achievements today with #ImAmagda.


    Help Others

    Let your fellow business ladies know that they can turn to you for help.



    Connect to other supporters of #ImAmagda movement all over the world to help you achieve your goals.

  • Examples of the #ImAmagda movement & how you can join it!

    Post your ideas, needs & achievements on all social media platforms, network of #ImAmagda movement will find you!

    “I’m a young upcoming business owner based in #London needing help with getting things started in #publicrelations , is there anyone I could ask for help? #ImAmagda”

    “I recently started investing as a #businessangel and want to fund female led startups. Can someone help me find the best #dealflow #ImAmagda”

  • What is MAGDA GROUP? Who is MAGDA?

    MAGDA GROUP is...

    an upcoming European Fund of funds from Berlin that is bringing a new business strategy for faster growth based on diversity for building unicorns lead by Mali M Baum & Karolina Attspodina.


    MAGDA is...

    the woman we all can be if we decide to follow our inner passion and make our ideas successful businesses.

  • "#ImAmagda because I fund women entrepreneurs.
    #ImAmagda because I fund businesses founded by women. Businesses founded by women are a huge opportunity to make money and change the world at the same time. Proud to be #ImAmagda”


    Business Angel Investor, New York

    Susan Danziger

    "#ImAmagda because I'm investing and supporting diverse teams since their different perspectives means they have a higher degree of creativity and more innovative approaches. Proud to be #ImAmagda”


    Partner at Senovo VC

    Markus Grundmann

    "#ImAmagda because today I connected super young and ambitious women-led startup to the upcoming TechStars Berlin Cohort, I know that with this intro I can change her life and her potential to success. Proud to be #ImAmagda”


    Mali M. Baum

    "#ImAmagda because today I helped a women-led business connect to a large corporate player which will give them the opportunity to grow faster and onboard more new clients. Proud to be #ImAmagda”


    Karolina Attspodina