Companies that are part of our everyday network are highly involved in the local tech ecosystem. Identifying industries that are exploding with growth.


    Within our ecosystem, you can find VC's, government institutions, family offices, corporates, startups, co-working spaces, business angels, accelerators, incubators and more...


    Bringing women forward and supporting their personal growth through our network as we are creating role models. Women taking an active part in ownership and representation of diversity that brings business success.

    Within our ecosystem, you can find females that are heavily involved in VC's, business angel investments, leading startups, M&A departments, family offices & digitalisation of the corporate world.


    Focus on companies developing cutting-edge technologies/services, bringing innovation to disrupt their industry markets, especially where we can see a value for our network of corporates and collaborators on a global scale.


    Everyday, we meet scaleable companies in high growth industries.

    By showing potential in achieving scale & unique positioning in the global markets with bringing high returns due to help of the capital infusion.

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    Womena X Wlounge - Building the global role model 


    Next Tuesday, July 10th we are hosting an amazing evening that is dedicated to shaping the future of female leadership.
    The event will be organized in collaboration with Womena, a platform that aims to support the MENA entrepreneurship ecosystem by empowering and educating women investors and entrepreneurs in Dubai.


    This a collaboration of several organizations to support female entrepreneurship globally and locally. We will speak about the different cultures in China (She loves Tech), Dubai (Womena), international (Startup Grind) and in Germany (Wlounge & Cowomen), try to connect the different worlds and learn from each other. This event is of course open for male and female guests, bringing opportunities to collaborate and to network.


    As Womena is running an Accelerator in Berlin at the moment it is also a great opportunity to meet their founders.



    Meet the startups:

    • X Pay (Egypt) - Working on the cashless transformation of communities through a mobile app for community members using a blockchain technology, as well as a community management web portal.
    • Seabex (Tunisia) - A precise farming hub that provides smart monitoring of environmental data using AI to help make better better.
    • Sadeed (Jordan) - An AI-powered tool to manage and respond to public commentary on social media platforms, using machine learning to improve performance and to better understand input of all languages.
    • We Share Property (UAE) - A white-label investment platform for the real estate industry to professionalise its investors' experience.
    • Mrayti (Jordan) - A unique mobile salon for the Arab world where customers can book different services of their choosing, with a booking system for stylists and artists integrated with their calendars.
    • Mathaqi (Saudi Arabia) - Authentic home-cooked meals delivered on a variety of international cuisines delivered on demand.
    • Zelij (Morocco) - Working to turn plastic waste into sustainable building materials, as well as eco-friendly paving stones and floor tiles made from plastic waste.
    • Jaazi (Saudi Arabia / UAE) - Employee engagement tool that looks to combat disengagement in the workplace using a perks and benefits marketplace and a pulse-survey tool.
    • Furnwish (Egypt) - Using immersive augmented reality experiences to empower homeowners in discovering, visualizing and interacting with furniture in the space it wants to live in, making it more practical to shop for furniture and home decor.

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