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    WLOUNGE is a vibrant community that encourages innovation and collaboration among Corporations, Investors, Start-ups, and Innovators, serving as a hub for groundbreaking ideas. Our NFT Community Membership enhances this dynamic ecosystem by offering exclusive perks and opportunities, marking a revolutionary step in rewarding your participation and contributions to the existing community and the network.

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    As an individual, and as an organization, elevate your needs with WLOUNGE's revolutionary NFT Community Membership. Focusing on values, inspiration, and YOUR growth, our upgraded ecosystem offers exclusive perks and opportunities for individuals and organizations. Join us now to shape the future and be part of the dynamic, innovative WLOUNGE community. All our success stories by now, came by connecting our partners, friends, and network for a win-win, Now it's your time to join the success. CLAIM YOUR PLACE, RAISE YOUR VOICE.


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    Join us on this exciting journey and become a driving force for change!

    During the years, we acknowledge your invaluable contributions to the Innovation scene.

    With our cutting-edge web3 membership platform, we go beyond rewarding members for their participation and creations, in all levels and shapes. YOU GIVE =YOU RECEIVE

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    Time to Ignite Your NFT Benefits into our activities.

    Customize your WLOUNGE NFT experience by choosing from a range of access levels and leveraging our robust community and network to propel your success. It's time to design your own unique path, claim your benefits, and amplify your impact!

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    Your Journey. Your Rewards. Your Masterpiece.

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    Unleashing the Extraordinary:

    Join Forces with the Finest

    Introducing Inbar Shahak - our Esteemed Lead Designer WLOUNGE Community NFT.


    Prepare to be mesmerized by the visionary artistry of Inbar Shahak, the mastermind behind our groundbreaking NFT collection.

    Through the seamless fusion of the virtual and physical realms, Inbar creates awe-inspiring 3D artworks that transport you to unseen visual worlds, imbued with a sense of unity, profound emotion, and lavish style.


    Community NFT as First Class. Build your identity.

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    Let us know your preferenceWLOUNGE Community NFT will be few levels of engagements and access ,

    Basic / Freemium/ Silver /Black ( highest access, wait for more.. we are developing it for you these days.

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